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We help startups and IT companies to build best tailored software

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With us, startups can reduce the cost of software development and grow faster

We helped multiple startups to reach market on time and on budget by employing most cost-efficient approaches in the industry, detecting and eliminating unnecessary work.

We're eager for cloud computing. Cloud means flexibility, efficiency and readiness for growth.

For startups

We can help your product reach the market as soon as possible with optimal budget.

We employ latest technologies, enable your business to grow as cloud solution.

For customers who want to try their idea, we provide super cost-efficient MVP development.

For IT & Enterprise

We help increasing efficiency of our customer's companies.

We minimise manual labor.

We help making decisions what worth automation and what not.

This all starts with business process analysis, detecting points of improvement and calculating ROI per each of them.


Cost-efficient remote team. Agile and skilled.

10+ years in industry.

Can adjust to work load: we've learned how to hire best-class professionals.

For Startups

We help enterprise sector to grow business by implementing complex solutions that best suit company infrastructure

Large clients such as IT companies and manufacturers benefit from our ability to integrate enterprise solutions in company landscape and minimise manual labour in business processes.

Our main focus is Business Process Management, Telecommunication and Network management software.

For IT & Enterprise companies

Outsourcing services


We help building web applications and enterprise solutions using wide stack of technologies

Our engineers are most experienced in architecture and design of Java enterprise systems, cloud solutions built for Amazon and Azure, and blockchain Web3 solutions.



Start growing your business with us!

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